12.6.4. Managing Proctored Exams

When you administer a proctored exam in your course, learners might have questions or concerns about the exam. Usually, you can direct learners to the FAQ section on edx.org, the online proctoring rules, or to Taking a Proctored Exam in the edX Learner’s Guide to answer their questions.

If learners need accommodations for disabilities, or have a technical problem with the exam, you work with edX support to determine a solution on a case by case basis. Accommodate Learners with Disabilities

If you need to make a special accommodation to the exam policy for a particular learner, follow these steps.


Make sure the learner who has requested special accommodations, including additional time, does not start taking the proctored exam before edX support sets up the accommodation.

  1. Consult your organization’s disability services to determine the best way to accommodate the learner’s specific needs.

  2. Contact edX Support and ask the support team to set up a special allowance for the learner.

  3. Provide edX Support with the learner’s username or email address and the exception to the standard exam policy. For example:

    Learner cannot see. Allow an additional person in the room to act as a scribe.

    Learner requires 30 additional minutes to complete the exam.

  4. When edX support has set up the allowance, let the learner know that their special allowance has been granted.

When the proctoring service reviews the learner’s proctored exam results, the reviewer takes the special allowance or extra time into account. Allow Learners to Retake a Proctored Exam

If a learner needs to retake a proctored exam for any reason, you can clear their existing exam attempt and allow them to retake the exam.


When you clear a learner’s exam attempt, all of a learner’s previous answers in the exam are cleared, and the learner starts the exam from the beginning. The learner must set up the proctoring software, answer exam questions, and complete all other steps again.

To clear a proctored exam attempt, follow these steps.

  1. View the live version of your course.

  2. Select Instructor, and then select Special Exam.

  3. Expand Student Special Exam Attempts. A list of timed and proctored exam attempts appears.

  4. Search for the learner’s username to locate their exam attempts.

  5. In the Exam Name column, locate the name of the specific exam for which you are cleaning the learner’s exam attempt.

  6. In the Actions column, select X. A message displays asking you to confirm that you want to remove the learner’s exam attempt.

  7. Select OK. The learner’s exam attempt is removed from the list.


    Clearing an exam attempt removes all learner answers in an exam and is a permanent action that cannot be undone. Manage Technical Problems During a Proctored Exam

For information about what learners should do if they experience technical problems during an exam, see Technical Problems During a Proctored Exam in the edX Learner’s Guide.