6.3.5. Add a Course or Program About Video


This process applies to courses on the edx.org site. If your course will run on Edge, you add the About video in Studio. For more information, see Add a Course About Video.

When you add an About video for a course or a program, you upload the video to the edX/Veda video upload page. The PC then adds the About video to the Publisher course page.

To add an About video for a course or program that is running on edx.org, follow these steps.

  1. In your browser, go to the edX/Veda video upload page at http://veda.edx.org/upload/.

  2. Enter a title for the video that includes the course number and name or the program name. For example, the title might be edx101: Creating an edX Course or edx VideoX XSeries: Creating Video for the edX Platform.

    You can abbreviate the full name of the course or program. However, the information that you enter should clearly identify your course or program.