User API User Accounts Resource

With the User API User Accounts resource, you can complete the following tasks.

Get and Update a User’s Account Information

class user_api.accounts.views.AccountViewSet(**kwargs)[source]

Use Cases

Get or update a user’s account information. Updates are supported only through merge patch.

Example Requests

GET /api/user/v1/accounts?usernames={username1,username2}[?view=shared] GET /api/user/v1/accounts/{username}/[?view=shared]

PATCH /api/user/v1/accounts/{username}/{“key”:”value”} “application/merge-patch+json”

Response Values for GET

If no user exists with the specified username, an HTTP 404 “Not Found” response is returned.

If the user makes the request for her own account, or makes a request for another account and has “is_staff” access, an HTTP 200 “OK” response is returned. The response contains the following values.

  • bio: null or textual representation of user biographical information (“about me”).

  • country: An ISO 3166 country code or null.

  • date_joined: The date the account was created, in the string format provided by datetime. For example, “2014-08-26T17:52:11Z”.

  • email: Email address for the user. New email addresses must be confirmed via a confirmation email, so GET does not reflect the change until the address has been confirmed.

  • gender: One of the following values:

    • null
    • “f”
    • “m”
    • “o”
  • goals: The textual representation of the user’s goals, or null.

  • is_active: Boolean representation of whether a user is active.

  • language: The user’s preferred language, or null.

  • language_proficiencies: Array of language preferences. Each preference is a JSON object with the following keys:

    • “code”: string ISO 639-1 language code e.g. “en”.
  • level_of_education: One of the following values:

    • “p”: PhD or Doctorate
    • “m”: Master’s or professional degree
    • “b”: Bachelor’s degree
    • “a”: Associate’s degree
    • “hs”: Secondary/high school
    • “jhs”: Junior secondary/junior high/middle school
    • “el”: Elementary/primary school
    • “none”: None
    • “o”: Other
    • null: The user did not enter a value
  • mailing_address: The textual representation of the user’s mailing address, or null.

  • name: The full name of the user.

  • profile_image: A JSON representation of a user’s profile image information. This representation has the following keys.

    • “has_image”: Boolean indicating whether the user has a profile image.
    • “image_url_*”: Absolute URL to various sizes of a user’s profile image, where ‘*’ matches a representation of the corresponding image size, such as ‘small’, ‘medium’, ‘large’, and ‘full’. These are configurable via PROFILE_IMAGE_SIZES_MAP.
  • requires_parental_consent: True if the user is a minor requiring parental consent.

  • username: The username associated with the account.

  • year_of_birth: The year the user was born, as an integer, or null.

  • account_privacy: The user’s setting for sharing her personal profile. Possible values are “all_users” or “private”.

  • accomplishments_shared: Signals whether badges are enabled on the platform and should be fetched.

For all text fields, plain text instead of HTML is supported. The data is stored exactly as specified. Clients must HTML escape rendered values to avoid script injections.

If a user who does not have “is_staff” access requests account information for a different user, only a subset of these fields is returned. The returns fields depend on the ACCOUNT_VISIBILITY_CONFIGURATION configuration setting and the visibility preference of the user for whom data is requested.

Note that a user can view which account fields they have shared with other users by requesting their own username and providing the “view=shared” URL parameter.

Response Values for PATCH

Users can only modify their own account information. If the requesting user does not have the specified username and has staff access, the request returns an HTTP 403 “Forbidden” response. If the requesting user does not have staff access, the request returns an HTTP 404 “Not Found” response to avoid revealing the existence of the account.

If no user exists with the specified username, an HTTP 404 “Not Found” response is returned.

If “application/merge-patch+json” is not the specified content type, a 415 “Unsupported Media Type” response is returned.

If validation errors prevent the update, this method returns a 400 “Bad Request” response that includes a “field_errors” field that lists all error messages.

If a failure at the time of the update prevents the update, a 400 “Bad Request” error is returned. The JSON collection contains specific errors.

If the update is successful, updated user account data is returned.

Example response showing a user’s account information

Content-Type: application/json
Vary: Accept

  "username": "John",
  "name": "John Doe",
  "language": "",
  "gender": "m",
  "year_of_birth": 1987,
  "level_of_education": "m",
  "goals": "Professional Development",
  "country": US,
  "mailing_address": "123 Main Street, Anytown, MA 02144",
  "email": "",
  "date_joined": "2015-03-18T13:42:40Z",
  "account_privacy": "all_users"