8.28. Office Mix Tool


EdX offers full support for this tool.

Office Mix is a third-party tool that you can use to turn PowerPoint presentations into interactive online lessons that are called mixes. This topic describes how to embed mixes in your course.

Before you make content from an external site available through your course, be sure to review the content to ensure that it is accessible to people with disabilities. For more information, see Accessibility Best Practices for Developing Course Content.

8.28.1. Overview

Office Mix is an extension to PowerPoint. With Office Mix, you can create lessons by integrating narration, screen recordings, quizzes, polls, website links, and more into your PowerPoint presentations. The Office Mix gallery provides examples and links to more information.


While you can include questions in your mixes, these questions cannot be graded. EdX recommends that you add Office Mix components only to ungraded subsections in a course.

The following example shows a mix as learners see it in the edX LMS.

An Office mix in courseware.

For information about how to create mixes, see the Office Mix Knowledge Base.

8.28.2. Add an Office Mix to a Course

To add mixes to your course, you create a mix at an external site, and then enable and use the Office Mix tool in Studio to add the mix into a component in your course. Create or Identify an Office Mix

  1. On an external website, create or identify the mix that you want to add to your course. For examples of mixes, see the Office Mix gallery.
  2. Make a note of the URL for the mix. Enable the Office Mix Tool

Before you can add a mix to your course, you must enable this tool in Studio.

To enable the Office Mix tool in Studio, you add the "officemix" key to the Advanced Module List on the Advanced Settings page. For more information, see Enable Additional Exercises and Tools. Add a Mix in Studio

You must enable the Office Mix tool before you add a component with a mix to your course. You must also create or identify the mix that you want to add and obtain its URL.

  1. On the Course Outline page, locate the ungraded subsection where you want to add the mix and add or open a unit.

  2. Under Add New Component, select Advanced, and then select Office Mix. Studio adds the new component, which includes a sample mix, to the unit.

  3. In the new component, select Edit.

    The component editor for a Mix in Studio.
  4. In the Component Display Name field, enter an identifying name for the component. This name appears to learners as a tooltip in the learning sequence at the top of the Courseware page.

  5. In the Office Mix URL field, enter the complete URL for the mix that you want to add. For example, https://mix.office.com/watch/1otxpj7hz6kbx.

  6. Select Save.

    To verify your work, select play.