10. Institution-wide Data

The data package includes a report of data collected across all of an institution’s edx.org or edge.edx.org courses. This report is typically more useful to administrative or marketing teams, rather than research teams.

10.1. Email Opt In Report

When students enroll in a course on edx.org, they can specify whether they want to receive email from the organization that presents the course.

The {org}-email_opt_in-{site}-analytics.csv file reports the email preference selected by each student enrolled in your institution’s courses. You can use this information to develop a distribution list for campaigns that introduce new or related courses to students.


Your data package includes a .csv file for the edx.org site only. At this time, students can specify an email preference only on edx.org.

The file contains data in these columns.


10.1.1. email

The email address that the student used to register a user account on the site. For more information, see the auth_user.email column.

10.1.2. full_name

The name that the student supplied. For more information, see the auth_userprofile.name column.

10.1.3. course_id

The ID of the course run in which the student is enrolled. For more information, see the student_courseenrollment.course_id column.

10.1.4. is_opted_in_for_email

True or False. By default, this preference is set to True. If a student is enrolled in more than one course, the option that the student selected most recently applies to all of the courses.

10.1.5. preference_set_datetime

Indicates when the student selected this preference. If a student is enrolled in more than one of your institution’s courses, the date and time when the student most recently selected an email preference applies to all of the courses.