3.2. Downloading the Data Package from Amazon S3#

To connect to Amazon S3, you must have your decrypted credentials. You may want to use a third-party tool that gives you a user interface for managing files and transferring them from Amazon S3 to your network. Some data czars use S3 applications like CloudBerry Explorer for Amazon S3, Bucket Explorer, or S3 Browser. As an alternative, you can use the AWS Command Line Interface. Follow these steps to access your edX data package on Amazon S3.

  1. Select and install a third-party tool or interface to manage your S3 account.

  2. Open your decrypted credentials.csv file. This file contains your AWS Access Key and your AWS Secret Key.

  3. Open the third-party tool.

  4. Enter information to connect to the S3 account.

    For example, you might need to select an option such as Open Connection, and then supply the service you want to connect to (Amazon S3), your Access Key, and your Secret Key. For more information, see the documentation provided for the tool that you selected.

  5. To access the database data files, specify or select s3://course-data.

    To access the event data files, specify or select s3://edx-course- data/{org}/. You must include the identifier for your organization after the name of the bucket.


    If you are using a third-party tool to connect to Amazon S3, you might not be able to navigate directly between s3://course-data and s3://edx-course-data/{org}/. You might need to disconnect from Amazon S3 and then reconnect to specify the other destination.

For information about the files found at each of these Amazon S3 destinations, see Data Delivered in Data Packages.