January 16, 2014

edX Studio

  • In certain situations, PDF files in the course were saved with the wrong content type. PDF files are now always stored with the content type application/pdf. (STUD-878)

  • The Files & Uploads page has been updated so that you can sort files on the page by file name or the date the file was uploaded to the course. (STUD-995)

    For more information, see the Add Files to a Course.

  • The default Course Start Date for new courses is now 01/01/2030 GMT. This is to ensure that your course does not start before you intend it to. You must change the course start date to the date you want students to begin using the course. (STUD-1072)

    For more information, see the Course Start Date.

  • For new courses, sections and subsections now have a default release date of January 1, 2030. In this case, you must adjust the release date to the day you want students to be able to view the content. (STUD-1072)

    For more information, see the Release Dates.

edX Learning Management System

  • When a student sets the volume for a video, that volume setting is now saved and used when the student views subsequent videos. (BLD-518)

  • For Image Response problems, the correct answer now appears when a student clicks Show Answer. (BLD-633)

Discussion Forums

  • The Vote button in the forum is now accessible by the keyboard and to screen readers. (FOR-64)