February 12, 2014

edX Studio

  • The improved layout of components in a unit page now includes visual separation of the header, making clear that the display name for each component is not rendered to students.

  • The new Full Screen Image tool allows students to enlarge an image, so they can see all the detail in context. You can create a full screen image with a new HTML component template. For more information, see the Full Screen Image documentation.

  • If you do not change the default course start date (01/01/2030), and the advertised_start policy value is null, then the student dashboard does not now list a start date for the course. Students just see that the course has not yet started. For more information, see the Set the Advertised Start Date documentation.

edX Learning Management System

Accessibility Improvements

  • Unnecessary section tags were removed from the student’s view of the courseware, so they are no longer announced by screen readers.

  • Extraneous title blocks were removed from breadcrumbs, so they are no longer read by screen readers.

  • In the student Progress tab, ordered list tags (<ol>) were replaced with <div> tags, to improve how screen readers interpret the screen.

  • IDs were added to parts of the course navigation where they were missing, making it easier to skip parts of the course when using a screen reader.

  • Updates to unit pages now make navigation more accessible to screen readers.

  • Modal dialog boxes and script templates are now hidden from screen readers.

  • Mathjax messages that are specific to Internet Explorer are no longer shown when students are using a different browser.

  • Alt text was added to the course footer logo.

  • The character set meta tag was added to the main course template.

  • The DOCTYPE declaration was added to the top of the main course template.


  • The Add a Response button no longer appears in forum threads when students are not allowed to respond. (FOR-452)