March 4, 2014

edX Studio

  • A problem that caused escaped HTML characters to be displayed incorrectly on the Course Updates page is resolved. (STUD-154)

  • A problem that prevented course staff from posting in discussions when a course was deleted and recreated is resolved. (STUD-1140)

  • A problem that caused the first line of an HTML component to be partially cut off in the unit page is resolved. (STUD-1380)

  • The Files & Uploads page now includes an external URL for each asset. See Add Files to a Course for more information.

edX Learning Management System

  • The edX registration form now validates that the Public Username field contains 30 or fewer characters, and that the E-mail field contains 75 or fewer characters. The user receives a message if the Public Username or E-mail values are too long. (LMS-1479)

  • If a video is configured to start at a time other than 00:00:00, the video player now correctly starts the video at the specified start time after the video player is reset for any reason. (BLD-659)

Accessibility Improvements

  • The layout of Course Updates is improved to use semantic tagging and not just simple lists, making the page more accessible to screen readers. (LMS-1724)

  • A label is added to the checkbox problem template.

  • Confirmation dialog boxes for Open Response Assessments are now screen-reader accessible.


  • Problem check events now include the problem name, answer value, response type, input type, and annotations for randomized problems. (AN-587, AN-594)


  • Tooltips for pinning threads are updated so students do not see the tooltip when they cannot pin a thread, and course staff see the appropriate tooltip text. (FOR-192)