March 11, 2014

edX Studio

  • When you edited an HTML component in a Chrome browser, a problem sometimes caused text that you edited in Visual view to not be updated in HTML view. This problem is resolved. (STUD-1336)

  • A problem that caused images to not appear in Visual view in the HTML component editor has been resolved. (STUD-1357)

edX Learning Management System

  • A problem that caused a course that had not started to be listed as having started in the beta Instructor Dashboard is resolved. (LMS-1548)

  • Course authors now have correct permissions to delete Wiki posts in their courses. (LMS-2136)

  • When a video first loads but before it begins playing, the video position slider now automatically goes to the configured start time. (BLD-823)

  • Students can now download transcripts as .srt or .txt files. A student selects the format below the video:

Image of the transcript download format selection.

The student selects the format, then clicks Download transcript. For more information, see Create or Obtain a Video Transcript (BLD-844)

  • A problem that prevented viewing videos in Firefox in full screen mode is resolved. (BLD-905)

Accessibility Improvements

  • The Python code editor and the Wiki Add new article screen are now keyboard accessible. In the Python code editor, the Tab key adds a tab in the code; students use the Esc key to leave the code editor field. In the Wiki’s Add new article page, the Tab key navigates through the fields. (LMS-1802)

  • When a user is viewing a unit page, the display name of only the first component is now used as the page and navigation title. The display names of subsequent components are not used. (STUD-1351)

  • When a user views a video in full screen mode, the transcript no longer obscures the video content. (BLD-852)