March 18, 2014

The following information reflects what is new in the edX Platform as of March 18, 2014. See previous pages in this document for a history of changes.

edX Studio

  • In the HTML editor, when you entered a <style> element, the editor sometimes stopped responding. This problem is resolved. (STUD-1434)

edX Learning Management System

  • Course staff could not re-score a problem in the standard Instructor Dashboard. This issue is resolved. (LMS-2327)

  • In the Beta Instructor Dashboard, the button for listing enrolled students is now only enabled for courses with fewer than 200 students. (LMS-1203)

  • In the Beta Instructor Dashboard, you can now use edX usernames as well as email addresses to set roles for course administrators. (LMS-1438)

  • The student Progress page now works correctly for graded XBlocks. (LMS-2349)

  • For MatLab problems, when the code exceeded the size of the entry field, the scroll bars stopped working. This problem is resolved. (LMS-2387)

  • A problem that in certain situations caused the video transcript button to disappear when you changed the video speed is resolved. (BLD-915)

  • Students using Firefox browsers were only able to select 1.0 as the video speed. Firefox users can now select all available speed options. (BLD-895)

edX Analytics

  • A problem that prevented the delivery of data research packages of courses with Unicode characters in the organization name is resolved. (AN-657)

edX Discussions

  • A problem that prevented students from viewing discussion components within a unit when cohorts were configured is resolved. (FOR-523)