April 3, 2014

The following information reflects what is new in the edX Platform as of April 3, 2014. See previous pages in this document for a history of changes.

edX Studio

  • You can now choose to hide or show the Wiki in your course, by using a control in the list of course Pages. For more information, see Show or Hide the Course Wiki Page. (STUD-1375)

  • A new IFrame template is now available as an option when you create a new HTML component. An IFrame allows you to integrate ungraded exercises and tools from any Internet site into the body of your course. The IFrame appears inside an HTML component, and the exercise or tool appears inside the IFrame. (BLD-678)

  • You can now upload video transcripts for multiple languages. In the Video editor, open the Advanced tab. In the Transcript Translations section, select a language, then click Upload to select the transcript file from your computer. Click Add and repeat this process for additional languages. (BLD-751)

edX Learning Management System

  • Answer Distribution Report

    A downloadable report of student answer distributions is now available from the Instructor Dashboard. This report includes one row for each problem-answer combination selected by students for problems of these types:

    • Checkboxes

    • Dropdown

    • Multiple choice

    • Numerical input

    • Text input

    • Math expression input

    The report is automatically generated on a periodic basis, so the most recently updated version of the report is available on the Instructor Dashboard. For more information, see Student Answer Distribution. (AN-590)

  • Bulk Email for New Courses


    The bulk email feature is in limited release, and is available for new courses only. A gradual rollout of this feature is planned for 2014.

    Using this feature, you can send email messages to course participants directly from the Instructor Dashboard, before, during, and after the course run. A history report of all email messages sent for your course is available. It includes the username of the sender, the recipients, the date and time sent, and the task status. For more information, see Course Launching Activities . (LMS-1035)