April 16, 2014

The following information reflects what is new in the edX Platform as of April 16, 2014. See previous pages in this document for a history of changes.

edX Studio

  • Multiple Choice Problem Enhancements

    Multiple choice problems now support shuffling answers, providing targeted feedback, and answer pools. See the following documentation for more information:

    • Shuffle Answers in a Multiple Choice Problem

    • Targeted Feedback in a Multiple Choice Problem

    • Answer Pools in a Multiple Choice Problem

  • When you import a large course, your browser may time out while the course is being imported. In this situation, the following message is now displayed on the Import page: Your browser has timed out but the server is still processing your import. Please wait 5 min and verify that the new content has appeared. (STUD-1283)

  • In Studio, the Discussion component is updated with the following text: To view live discussions, click Preview or View Live in Unit Settings. (FOR-429)

edX Learning Management System

  • When you enrolled students in a course on edx.org and sent a notification email message, the message included an invalid link to the course. This problem is now resolved. (LMS-2217)

  • The video player now only shows the HD button when an HD video option is available. (BLD-937)

Accessibility Improvements

  • The PDF viewer used for textbooks was updated and is now accessible to screen readers. (LMS-2276)