May 20, 2014

The following information reflects what is new in the edX Platform as of May 20, 2014. See previous pages in this document for a history of changes.

edX Studio

  • This release introduces context-sensitive online help to Studio. You can click Help in the upper-right corner to get more information about the Studio page you are viewing. You can also click links that appear in the right panel on some pages.

    Online help links in Studio

    A page in edX’s continually updated documentation that is related to the Studio page you are viewing opens in a new browser tab or window:

    A Studio online help page

    You can also expand the panel at the bottom of the Studio user interface and use the links to access a PDF file of edX course staff documentation, edX Studio Author Support, and edX101.

    Other help resources at the bottom of the Studio UI
  • A problem in a small number of XML-authored courses that caused the video transcript download button to not work for students is fixed. If your course was one of the courses affected, you must re-import the course in Studio to enable transcript downloads. (BLD-1014)

  • A problem that prevented users with the Staff role from importing courses is resolved. (STUD-1595)