August 12, 2014

The following information reflects what is new in the edX Platform as of August 12, 2014. See previous pages in this document for a history of changes.

edX Studio

  • This release includes a redesigned user experience for publishing.

    • The process for creating, releasing, and updating content has been streamlined and simplified.

      Flowchart showing the process of creating a unit on the Course Outline page, adding components on the Unit page, and then publishing the content. Modifications made on a Unit page can be published immediately.
    • Visual cues are now present on the Course Outline page and on individual unit pages to indicate whether your content is published and whether students can see it.

      The Course Outline page with release dates indicated and callouts for the "Settings" icons that allows you to change it
    • You can select the Hide from students check box on a unit page at any time to immediately remove that unit from student view.

      The unit page indicating the new check box on the right side of the page

    For more details and a comparison between the new publishing workflow and the previous workflow, see our most recent edX Product and Engineering Newsletter.

  • A graphical user interface is now available for creating and maintaining open response assessment problems.

    You now define the open response assessment rubric in the following page:

    The Open Response Assessment editor Rubric tab

    You now define settings for the open response assessment in the following page:

    The Open Response Assessment editor Settings tab
  • A new setting, Enable video caching system, is now available on the Advanced Settings page. When set to true (the default), HTML5 videos use video caching. (BLD-1207)

edX Learning Management System

  • When course discussions are closed, the New Post button is no longer included in discussion components. (FOR-108)

  • When an incomplete course URL was entered in a browser, the error page that displayed included incorrect information. This defect has been corrected. (LMS-11189, LMS-11205)

Coming Soon

We’re pleased to announce these upcoming changes, which will release in the next few weeks:

  • In addition to the existing Discussion post type, course discussions will soon include a new Question post type. Students and course teams will also be able to filter posts to find unanswered questions easily.

  • A new user experience design for course discussions is coming! The new user interface controls will provide consistent methods for taking action on posts. A set of colorful badges will also make it easier to identify posts.

  • A new bulk publishing feature will soon be available to enhance the changes that you see to the publishing workflow today. With bulk publishing, the process of releasing your course content to students will be significantly streamlined.