October 7, 2014

The following information reflects what is new in the edX Platform as of October 7, 2014. See previous pages in this document for a history of changes.

edX Learning Management System

  • The private discussion cohorts feature has been released! When this optional feature is enabled for a course, the course team defines smaller communities of students within the larger, course-wide community. This feature allows course teams to divide students into cohort groups using either distinctive group characteristics or automated, random assignments. When the cohorts feature is enabled for a course, most discussion topics are divided so that students can only read and contribute to posts made by other members of the same cohort. However, course teams can create some open, or unified, discussion topics so that all students can read and contribute to that topic. Additionally, if the cohorts feature is enabled for the course, the CSV file that contains student profile data now includes a Cohort column.

    If you want to use the cohorts feature in your course, we strongly recommend that you implement the feature before your course is released. We do not recommend enabling cohorts in a running course.

    For more information, see Cohorts.

  • In the Instructor Dashboard, downloading student profile data is now a background task. You can leave the Data Download page after you begin downloading students’ profile information and return when the download is complete. Additionally, the Download profile information as a CSV button and the List enrolled students’ profile information button have been moved to the Reports section of the Data Download page. (TNL-453)

  • Course discussions have several new features:

    • Students can now change the topic of a post after they post it. Discussion administrators, moderators, and community TAs can edit the topic for any post.

    • Users no longer have the option to add comments to closed threads. (TNL-150)

    • When a user selects a topic for a post, a link to the unit that contains that discussion topic in the body of the course now appears immediately when the post is created. (TNL-404)

    • Users who have the discussion admin role can now remove their own or other users’ discussion admin status. (TNL-315)

    • For some users, a list of posts did not appear in the left sidebar when the user clicked Posts I’m Following. This bug has been fixed. (TNL-469)

    • Pinned posts now always appear at the top of the list of posts, regardless of the way that the posts are sorted. (TNL-90)

  • In some browsers, if a student clicked a word in a transcript to move to that point in the video, the video began playing from the correct point, but the transcript stopped following along with the video. This bug has been fixed. (TNL-235)

edX Studio

  • In HTML text components, the default font now appears as an option in the Font menu. (TNL-147)

    HTML component editor with Font menu open to show Default option
  • When a Problem component contained a custom JavaScript display and grading (JS Input) problem and at least one other problem, the JS Input problem was scored incorrectly. The additional problem in the component could be any type of problem. These problems are now scored correctly. (TNL-269)

  • When you exported a course, the setting for Video Download Allowed in a Video component changed from False to True in the exported course. This bug has been fixed. (TNL-324)