October 23, 2013

edX Studio

New Features

  • Improved import experience (STUD-595)

    When you import a course, the Import screen now provides real-time status updates. The Import screen tells you when the import is in the following stages: * Uploading * Unpacking * Verifying * Updated Course * Success (Complete)

  • Improved drag and drop experience in course outlines (STUD-575)

    The ability to drag and drop sections, subsections, and units in the course outline is enhanced in the following ways:

    • The visual representation of where you are moving the course element to is improved, with a pointer and blue line indicating the new position.

    • You can more easily drag units from one subsection to another.

    • When you cancel a drop, the course element returns to its original position.

    • You can no longer drag a course element below the New Unit button, which was causing confusion.

  • Text customization capability

    You can now customize some of the UI text that your students see. You do this through the text_customization key in the Advanced Settings for the course. (However, edX recommends that you contact your partner manager before you modify the text_customization key.)

  • JavaScript loading performance

    JavaScript loading is changed in ways that should improve the performance on some pages. Code contributors should note that JavaScript is now loaded through require.js.

Changes and Updates

The following changes are included in this release:

  • In a course outline, you can no longer drag and drop a unit below the New Unit button. (STUD-152)

  • Course update content outside of HTML tags is no longer erroneously removed.(STUD-590)

  • In a course outline, dragging a unit over the Units label no longer causes the unit to be removed. (STUD-755)

  • Support text in the Assignment Types section of the Grading page is updated to clarify that you enter an integer, not a percent, in the W eight of Total Grade field. (STUD-771)

  • Certain component errors no longer prevent the course from saving correctly. (STUD-786)

  • When you delete a Discussion component, the discussion is completely removed from the course. (STUD-811, STUD-817)

  • When you are editing a course update, the update no longer disappears if you click outside of the Edit window. (STUD-822)

  • When you enter the integer 7 in the Total Weight of Grade field, the value is no longer changed to a decimal. (STUD-826)

edX Learning Management System

New Features

The following changes are included in this release:

  • Fixed views in Internet Explorer 9.x

    Problems with pages in Internet Explorer 9.x are resolved.

  • Disabled downloading data for large courses

    For courses with over 200 students, downloading large data sets could fail. The Download Data button on the Instructor Dashboard is now temporarily disabled to avoid this problem.

  • Improved Beta Instructor Dashboard

    You can access the Beta Instructor Dashboard from the current Instructor Dashboard by clicking Try the New Beta Dashboard. The Beta version continued so evolve with a streamlined design and improved architecture. Both dashboards are currently available.

  • Improved video and transcript experience (BLD-420)

    When you are playing a video with the transcript hidden, you can display the transcript by hovering the mouse pointer over the CC button. You can then click a paragraph in the displayed transcript to move to that point in the video. When you move the pointer off the CC button, the transcript is hidden.

  • Improved Learning Tools Interoperability (LTI) (BLD-330, BLD-347)

    You can now use multiple LTI tools per page. You can also have an LTI module load external content in a new window.

Changes and Updates

  • The link to open and close the calculator has additional aria attributes for accessibility. (BLD-164)

  • The Hints panel for the calculator is now accessible to screen readers. (BLD-165)

  • Students can now download video subtitles. (BLD-245)

  • Multi-speed video playback now works in Firefox browsers as expected. (BLD-287)

  • Window resizing no longer cuts off videos. (BLD-289)

  • Video HD control is now handicap accessible. (BLD-387)

  • You can now export courses that have LTI modules. (BLD-389)

  • A malformed custom parameter in an LTI component no longer permanently breaks the unit. (BLD-390)

  • The styles and text for the download links for videos and transcripts are updated for clarity and accessibility. (BLD-403)

  • The CC button in the video player now includes explanatory text that is accessible with a screen reader. (BLD-404)

  • LTI with the Piazza platform now works as expected. (BLD-405)

  • The Close button on dialog boxes is now defined as an HTML button and is accessible to screen readers. (LMS-582)

Discussion Forums

The following changes are included in this release:

  • The color contrast of the Report Misuse link is updated for accessibility. (FOR-200)

  • The Report Misuse link now includes a tooltip that is accessible to screen readers. (FOR-201)

  • The Report Misuse link is now included in the page tab order, for keyboard accessibility. (FOR-209)