November 6, 2013

edX Studio

New Features

  • Improved Course Export page

    The Course Export page has a new layout, with enhanced help text.

Changes and Updates

The following changes are included in this release:

  • The Forgot Password link on the Studio Sign In page now works correctly. (STUD-689)

  • In the Create a New Course page Organization field, text now suggests the generic UniversityX, instead of MITx. (STUD-885)

  • The Create a New Course page Course Run field, text now suggests the using the year and trimester (for example, 2014_T1), instead of the year and season. (STUD-916)

  • Studio now continues working correctly when a YouTube video in the page fails to load. (STUD-472)

  • To avoid potential problems with browser security, you can no longer enter video URLs with http://. You must use https://. (BLD-408)

  • By default, the options to add a Problem Written in LaTex and a Problem with Adaptive Hint in Latex are no longer included in the Advanced tab of the Problems component. In addition, the option to add E-text Written in LaTeX is no longer included in the HTML component.

    To enable these options, open the Advanced Settings page and set the value of the use_latex_compiler policy key to true. (BLD-426)

Technical Changes

Contributors to the open source edX Platform should note the following change:

The Course Export page is updated to use a RESTFul interface. (STUD-846)

edX Learning Management System

New Features

  • Upgrading the Course Track

    A student in the Honor Code or Audit track can now upgrade to the Verified Certificate track. (LMS-1127)

Changes and Updates

The following changes are included in this release:

  • After registering for a course, a student could use the browser’s Back button to return to the Registration page and change the registration type. Now, if the user tries to go back to the Registration page, the Learning Management System redirects the student to the courseware, where the student must unregister first to change the course mode. (LMS-1062)

  • When a student fails verification for the Verified track, the Learning Management System now notifies the user through the Student Dashboard, and prompts them to retry. The student must send another set of photos, but does not have to pay again. If the student does not retry, they can get a refund. (LMS-1133)

  • In the Beta Instructor Dashboard, the layout is improved and the Pending Instructor Tasks section now functions correctly. (LMS-1242)

  • You can now tab through the Wiki pages without getting stuck in the content area. (LMS-1307)

  • Default settings now include the generic email address instead of (LMS-1363)

  • The user experience and help text during course registration and upgrading are enhanced, and the last day to register for verified certificates is more clear. (LMS-1384)

  • Keyboard navigation is now updated in the Wiki to skip repetitive content, allowing users to go directly to unique content on a page. (LMS-1387)

  • Errors that prevented the Progress page from successfully loading are fixed. (LMS-1388)

  • In the Sign Up page, the Public Display Name field was renamed to Public Username. (LMS-1393)

  • Errors when creating a new account are resolved. (LMS-1418)

  • A typo was removed from the course registration email template. (LMS-1419)

  • The Saving a Word Cloud component generated an error message. This problem no longer occurs. (BLD-205)

  • When viewing a video, if a student clicked on the video timeline before or after the specified end time, the video jumped to the beginning. This problem is resolved. (BLD-392)

  • Students can now change the video speed when the video is paused. (BLD-424)

  • Several problems with the video player are resolved: * The Start time did not work in Flash mode. * Students could not change the speed before the video started. * The end point in the video slider was inaccurate for short videos. * The video slider showed the incorrect position after the video stopped. (BLD-468)

  • Sorting of the forums thread list now works correctly when a topic is selected from the drop-down menu. (FOR-224)

  • Forum follow buttons are now accessible to screen readers, have the ARIA checkbox role, and activate with the space or Enter key.(FOR-240)


The following changes are included in this release:

  • The user_id field is added to tracking events. (AN-213)