December 16, 2014

The following information reflects what is new in the edX Platform as of December 16, 2014. See previous pages in this document for a history of changes.

edX Studio

  • The size of files that you can upload in the Files & Uploads page is now limited to 10 MB. If you try to upload a file larger than 10 MB, Studio shows a message that the file is too large and could not be uploaded.

  • A problem that caused assignment weights in the grading policy to display incorrectly is resolved. (TNL-884)

edX Learning Management System

  • Course staff can now assign students to cohorts by uploading a CSV file of students and their cohort assignments. See Assign Students to Cohort Groups by Uploading a CSV File for more information. (TNL-735)

Coming Soon

Students who enroll in a verified course must currently complete the ID verification process before completing the payment process. Soon, students will be able to complete the payment process without completing the verification process, and vice versa.