December 18, 2013

edX Studio

The following changes are included in this release:

  • The Terms of Service are now available from a link in edX Studio. (STUD-151)

  • When a course export fails due to a problem in the course XML, an error message is now displayed that points you to the source of the problem. (STUD-1013)

  • Studio Dashboard performance on Edge is improved. (STUD-1039)

  • In the Video component editor Advanced tab, the Clear button next to the HTML 5 Transcript field, shown below, now correctly removes the transcript. (BLD-438)

    The Advanced tab of the Video component editor
  • The Drag and Drop problem template, available in the Advanced list when you are creating a new problem, is updated to demonstrate the updated drag and drop functionality. (BLD-479)

  • You can now rearrange LTI components as expected. (BLD-543)

edX Learning Management System

The following changes are included in this release:

  • Grade reports in .csv files that you download form the Instructor Dashboard can now handle Unicode characters. (LMS-197)

  • For courses using OpenID, the user’s Full Name is now returned in the Full Name field, not the username. (LMS-750)

  • A problem that prevented the listing of course staff in the Instructor Dashboard is fixed. (LMS-1599)

  • Image mapping problems now work correctly in Internet Explorer. (BLD-413)

  • A problem that sometimes prevented students from opening an e-reader in another browser window is resolved. (BLD-465)

Discussion Forums

The following changes are included in this release:

  • The text formatting buttons in the forum post editor are now keyboard accessible. Students and staff can tab through the buttons and activate a button with the Enter or space key.