Developer Documentation

This the landing page for documentation relevant to developers of the Open edX platform. For other documentation resources targeted for edX learners, educators, researchers, and Open edX operators, see

Architecture and Best Practices

Open edX Technology Radar (coming…) A bird’s eye view of the decisions, tools and technologies that have been adopted or rejected for Open edX development.
Open edX Proposals Technical decisions made by the Open edX community, in the form of best practices, architecture design, or development processes.
Open edX Developer’s Guide General guidelines for developing on various parts of the Open edX code base.
Architecture and Engineering Confluence page Confluence page for notes, thoughts, and project-related documents on Open edX architecture and engineering.

Open edX Development

Open edX Named Releases Information on each stable Open edX named release.
Open edX Extensions and APIs Landing page for supported APIs and extensions to the Open edX platform.