16.3.5. Check Proctoring Results

To view the results of your proctoring session, return to the exam page. One of the following results is visible.


Your proctoring session review result is separate from the score you achieve on your exam. You might receive a Satisfactory result on the proctoring review, but not earn enough points to pass the exam. Or you might receive a passing grade on the exam, but receive an Unsatisfactory result on the proctoring review.

Proctoring Review Result Description
Pending The data from your proctoring session is still being reviewed. You can expect results to appear in two or three days.
Satisfactory You have passed the review. If you also achieve the minimum credit eligibility grade in your course, you can purchase academic credit.

There were either issues with your identity verification or evidence of suspicious activity during the exam.

An Unsatisfactory result means that you automatically receive a score of 0 for the exam. For most courses, you are no longer eligible to purchase academic credit for the course, regardless of your final grade. For more information, see the guidelines for your course.

If you want to dispute this result, contact the course team or edX Support.

After the due date for the exam has passed, you can also select View my exam on the exam page to review the exam problems and your answers. Credit Eligibility on Your Progress Page

Depending on your proctoring session review results and the actual score you achieved on your exam, you will also see changes to your credit eligibility status on your Progress page.

For more information about academic course credit, see Taking a Course for Academic Credit.