16.3.4. Take a Proctored Exam


Proctored exams have specific rules for your environment, computer, and behavior. The instructions for all proctored exams contain a link to these rules. You must make sure that you are familiar with the rules before you take your exam. Time Limits

All proctored exams have time limits. When a proctored exam starts, a countdown timer at the top of the edX course page also starts.

The countdown timer provides a warning when 20% of the time remains, and again when 5% of the time remains. For example, if you have 60 minutes to complete the exam, you will receive a warning when 12 minutes remain, and again when 3 minutes remain.

If time runs out before you complete the exam, the proctoring review is submitted together with any answers that you have submitted. Even if you did not complete the exam, you might still receive enough points for a passing grade.


You can hide the time that remains in your exam. For more information, see Hiding the Exam Timer. Taking a Proctored Exam

To take a proctored exam, follow these steps.


When you agree to take the exam with online proctoring and start installing the proctoring software, you must continue through to taking the exam as soon as that process is completed.

  1. In the course, open the proctored exam.

  2. On the page where you agree to or decline taking the exam with online proctoring, select Yes, I want to take this exam with online proctoring.


    If you select No, I want to take this exam without proctoring, you will not have another chance to take this exam as a proctored exam. Additionally, you cannot receive academic credit for this course, regardless of your final grade.

    On the You have Chosen To Take a Proctored Exam page, you are assigned a unique exam code that is associated with your edX account. You will need to enter it later, when you are prompted to do so during the proctoring software setup.

  3. Follow the steps in Set Up the Proctoring Software to download and set up the proctoring software.

    When you have successfully set up the proctoring software, your proctoring session starts.

  4. Begin the exam.

    1. Return to the edX page where you copied your exam code.
    2. Select Start Proctored Exam.


    After you start a proctored exam, you must not close the proctoring software window, although you can minimize it.

  5. In the exam, start answering your exam questions. To receive credit for problems, you must select Submit for each problem before you end the exam.

    The timer at the upper right of the page shows the time that you have remaining in the exam.


    You cannot pause or stop the timer after you have started your exam. If you close the edX exam browser or navigate away from your exam, the timer continues to count down. You can open a new browser window and return to your exam at the point that you left it. However, you cannot regain any lost time.

  6. When you have completed all the questions, end the exam. To do this, select End My Exam on the timer bar, and then follow the prompts in the proctoring software.

The exam stops, and the data from your proctoring session is uploaded to the online proctoring service for review. Reviews usually take three to five days. For more information, see Check Proctoring Results.