16.3.6. Technical Problems During a Proctored Exam

You might encounter the following situations while you are taking a proctored exam. The Proctoring Software Stops

If the proctoring software crashes, the exam automatically stops. In this situation, contact edX Support. The edX Browser Closes

If the browser in which the edX exam is running crashes, or you accidentally close the browser window, you do not receive an alert. The exam timer continues to run. Make sure the proctoring software is still running, and then open a new browser window and navigate back to your edX exam. You can continue your exam, but you will have lost time while the exam browser was closed. If your proctoring software also crashed, contact edX Support. The Proctoring Software Window Closes

If you start to close your proctoring software window, alert messages warn you that you are ending your exam. If you continue and close the proctoring software window, both the exam and the proctoring session end.

Answers in the exam up to the point that the session ended are submitted for grading, but the proctoring session recording might not be completely uploaded. In this situation, contact edX Support. The course team will decide whether your proctored exam attempt is valid. You Need to Retake the Proctored Exam

If you need to retake a proctored exam for any reason, contact edX Support.

When you retake an exam, you start the exam over from the beginning. You must set up the proctoring software, answer the questions, and complete all other steps again.