4.3.1. Changing Themes for an Open edX Site#

The theme for a website defines the appearance of its user interface (UI): the logo, the color scheme, and the links in the page headers and footers are examples of different aspects of an Open edX site that are defined by its theme.

Open edX provides a default theme that is defined by page templates, CSS styling, and assets such as images that are provided in the Open edX code. You can change the appearance of the following parts of an Open edX site.

  • The Studio UI, which is used by course teams.

  • The learning management system (LMS) UI, which is used by learners and course teams.

  • The UI of the E-commerce service, which is used by course offering and order managers.

The topics in this section describe how you can change the way an Open edX site looks, without changing how it works.

In addition, an example theme is available for review.