4.16.2. Prohibiting Submission of Specified File Types#

Course teams can configure open response assessments so that learners can upload files along with their text responses. During the peer review stage of the assessment, other learners download the submitted file and read the response.

To protect learners from exposure to files with malicious content, the ORA2 application uses a “blacklist” to identify a set of file types that learners are not permitted to upload.

To add or remove file types from the blacklist, follow these steps.

  1. In the ORA-2 repository, use an editor to open the submission_mixin.py file.

  2. Locate the FILE_EXT_BLACK_LIST parameter in the file. By default, this parameter lists the following file types.

        'exe', 'msi', 'app', 'dmg', 'com', 'pif', 'application', 'gadget',
        'msp', 'scr', 'hta', 'cpl', 'msc', 'jar', 'bat', 'cmd', 'vb', 'vbs',
        'jse', 'ws', 'wsf', 'wsc', 'wsh', 'scf', 'lnk', 'inf', 'reg', 'ps1',
        'ps1xml', 'ps2', 'ps2xml', 'psc1', 'psc2', 'msh', 'msh1', 'msh2', 'mshxml',
        'msh1xml', 'msh2xml', 'action', 'apk', 'app', 'bin', 'command', 'csh',
        'ins', 'inx', 'ipa', 'isu', 'job', 'mst', 'osx', 'out', 'paf', 'prg',
        'rgs', 'run', 'sct', 'shb', 'shs', 'u3p', 'vbscript', 'vbe', 'workflow',
        'htm', 'html',
  3. Add or remove values from this list.

  4. Save your changes to submission_mixin.py.

  5. Restart the Studio (CMS) and Learning Management System (LMS) processes so that your updates are loaded.