4.25.4. Handling Special Cases# Recovering from ERRORED#

If a retirement API indicates failure (4xx or 5xx status code), the driver immediately sets the user’s state to ERRORED. To debug this error state, check the responses field in the user’s row in user_api_userretirementstatus (User Retirement Status) for any relevant logging. Once the issue is resolved, you need to manually set the user’s current_state to the state immediately prior to the state which should be re-tried. You can do this using the Django admin. In this example, a user retirement errored during forums retirement, so we manually reset their state from ERRORED to ENROLLMENTS_COMPLETE.

digraph retirement_states_example { //rankdir=LR; // Rank Direction Left to Right ranksep = "0.3"; edge[color=grey] node[fontname=Courier,fontsize=12,shape=box,group=main] { rank = same INIT[style=invis] PENDING } { edge[style=bold,color=black] INIT -> PENDING; "..."[shape=none] PENDING -> RETIRING_ENROLLMENTS -> ENROLLMENTS_COMPLETE -> RETIRING_FORUMS; } RETIRING_FORUMS -> FORUMS_COMPLETE -> "..." -> COMPLETE node[group=""]; RETIRING_ENROLLMENTS -> ERRORED; RETIRING_FORUMS -> ERRORED[style=bold,color=black]; PENDING -> ABORTED; subgraph cluster_terminal_states { label = "Terminal States"; labelloc = b // put label at bottom {rank = same ERRORED COMPLETE ABORTED} } ERRORED -> ENROLLMENTS_COMPLETE[style="bold,dashed",color=black,label=" via django\nadmin"] }

Now, the user retirement driver scripts will automatically resume this user’s retirement the next time they are executed. Rerunning some or all states#

If you decide you want to rerun all retirements from the beginning, set current_state to PENDING for all retirements with current_state == COMPLETE. This would be useful in the case where a new stage in the user retirement workflow is added after running all retirements (but before the retirement queue is cleaned up), and you want to run all the retirements through the new stage. Or, perhaps you were developing a stage/API that didn’t work correctly but still indicated success, so the pipeline progressed all users into COMPLETED. Retirement APIs are designed to be idempotent, so this should be a no-op for stages already run for a given user. Cancelling a retirement#

Users who have recently requested account deletion but are still in the PENDING retirement state may request to rescind their account deletion by emailing or otherwise contacting the administrators directly. edx-platform offers a Django management command that administrators can invoke manually to cancel a retirement, given the user’s email address. It restores a given user’s login capabilities and removes them from all retirement queues. The syntax is as follows:

$ ./manage.py lms --settings=<your-settings> cancel_user_retirement_request <email-of-user-to-cancel-retirement>

Keep in mind, this will only work for users which have not had their retirement states advance beyond PENDING. Additionally, the user will need to reset their password in order to restore access to their account.