6.8.3. Apple Pay#

Apple Pay support is available when you use the CyberSource processor. Apple Pay allows learners to check out quickly without having to manually fill out the payment form. If you are not familiar with Apple Pay, take a moment to read the following documents to understand the user flow and necessary configuration.

Apple Pay is available only to learners using Safari on the following platforms:

  • iOS 10+ on devices with a Secure Element

  • macOS 10.12+. The user must have an iPhone, Apple Watch, or a MacBook Pro with Touch ID that can authorize the payment.

An exhaustive list of devices that support Apple Pay is available on Wikipedia.


The Apple Pay button is not displayed to users with incompatible hardware and software. Settings#

Apple Pay is configured via the PAYMENT_PROCESSOR_CONFIG dictionary in settings. The following keys are required.




Merchant identifier created at the Apple Developer portal


Two-letter ISO 3166 country code for your business/merchant account


Domain verification text obtained from the Apple Developer portal


Filesystem path to the merchant identity certificate (used to authenticate with Apple to start sessions). This file should be kept in a secure location that is only accessible by administrators and the application’ service user.