6.8.6. Maintaining the E-Commerce Service#

Most of the time, you do not have to perform maintenance on the E-Commerce service. However, E-Commerce creates basket objects to track products that users want to purchase before users place an order. As more baskets and orders are created, the baskets table can grow large. Depending on your database backend, a large table can become difficult to manage and migrate. After an order is placed, you can delete the corresponding basket from the baskets table.

To delete one or more baskets, follow these steps.


Baskets that contain products but that are not used to create orders, such as when a user adds a product to a basket but does not complete the order process, are not deleted. These baskets provide records that users intended to purchase a product.

  1. To display the number of baskets that you can delete, run the following command.

    $ ./manage.py delete_ordered_baskets
  2. To delete all the baskets that appear after you run the command in step 1, use the –commit option.

    $ ./manage.py delete_ordered_baskets --commit