6.4.6. Create Program Offers#

Program offers are discounts, either percentage or fixed amount discounts, that apply to a specific program. When a program offer is active for a program, the program’s price appears discounted both on the program’s purchase button and on the e-commerce checkout page.

You create program offers on the Create Program Offer page in the E-Commerce Program Offers Administration tool, which is located at http://localhost:8002/programs/offers.


Each program can be associated with only one program offer. To offer a new discount, edit the existing program offer for your program.

To create a program offer, follow these steps.

  1. Start the E-Commerce Service on your site. For details, see Start the E-Commerce Service.

  2. Obtain the Program UUID for the program for which you are creating an offer. Find your program’s UUID in the Discovery Service Django administration site, under Course Metadata > Programs.

  3. In a browser on your E-Commerce server, go to http://localhost:8002/programs/offers/ to access the E-Commerce Program Offers Administration tool.

  4. On the Program Offers page, select Create Program Offer.

  5. On the Create Program Offer page, enter the following information for your program offer.

    • Program UUID

    • Start Date

    • End Date

    • Discount Type - either percentage or absolute.

    • Discount Value - the value of the discount based on the discount type.


To ensure that your program discount is reflected even when only some, not all, of a program’s courses are in a learner’s basket for checkout, you must select the Enable Partial Program Offer setting in the E-Commerce Service Django Administration site, under Core > Site configurations.

  1. Select Create Program Offer.