8.2. Adding the Google Drive and Google Calendar XBlockΒΆ

In the Open edX Birch release, course teams can embed Google calendars and Google Drive files in courseware.

To enable this feature on your instance of Open edX, you install the Google Drive XBlock.

For information about using Google calendars and Google Drive files in courses, see the Building and Running an Open edX Course guide.


Before proceeding, review Guidelines for Updating the edX Platform.

To install the Google Drive XBlock, follow these steps.

  1. In the edX Platform installation directory, edit the file requirements/edx/github.txt

  2. Add a line to include the XBlock utilities.

  3. Add a line to add the Google Drive XBlock.

  4. Save the requirements/edx/github.txt file.

After you configure the edX Platform, to use Google Drive files or a Google Calendar in a course, you must add the XBlock to the advanced settings for the course. See the following documentation: