2.1. Open edX Ficus Release

This section describes how to install the Open edX Ficus release.

2.1.1. What’s Included in Ficus

The Open edX Ficus release contains several new features for learners, course teams, and developers. For more information, see Open edX Ficus Release.

2.1.2. What Is the Ficus Git Tag?

A git tag identifies the version of Open edX code that is the Ficus release. You can find the most up-to-date git tag for the current Open edX release on the Open edX Releases Wiki page.

The following Open edX git repositories have the Ficus git tag:

  • edx-platform
  • configuration
  • cs_comments_service
  • xqueue
  • ecommerce
  • ecommerce-worker
  • edx-analytics-configuration
  • edx-analytics-dashboard
  • edx-analytics-data-api
  • edx-analytics-pipeline
  • edx-certificates
  • edx-custom-a11y-rules
  • edx-demo-course
  • edx-documentation
  • edx-notes-api
  • edx-ui-toolkit
  • notifier
  • programs
  • ux-pattern-library

2.1.3. Installing the Ficus Release

You can install the Open edX Ficus release using Devstack or Fullstack.

Review the prerequisites and instructions for each option, and then choose the option that best meets your needs. Ensure that you install the required software to run the Open edX platform.

Ficus releases have git tag names like open-release/ficus.1. The available names are detailed on the Open edX Releases Wiki page.

Previous releases ran on Ubuntu 12.04, but Ficus runs on 16.04. Because of the change in operating system, edX is not providing an upgrade path. If you have an existing Eucalyptus installation, you must install Ficus on a new machine, and move your data and settings to it.

2.1.4. Upgrading to a Subsequent Ficus Release

Occasionally, we release updates to Ficus. For example, the second release of Ficus is open-release/ficus.2. The steps to upgrade differ based on your original installation method. Upgrading a Vagrant Installation

Devstack and Fullstack are installed using Vagrant. To upgrade from one Ficus release to another, run the following commands in the host operating system:

$ export OPENEDX_RELEASE=open-release/ficus.2
$ vagrant provision Upgrading a Native Installation

If you installed Open edX using the Open edX Native Installation, you can upgrade from one Ficus release to another by re-running those steps using your desired Ficus tag as the new value for OPENEDX_RELEASE.