4.24. Enabling Timed Exams

This topic describes how to enable the timed exams feature in your instance of Open edX.

4.24.1. Overview

Course teams can configure course subsections to limit the amount of time that learners have to complete problems in that subsection.

To use this feature on your instance of Open edX, you must enable the timed exams feature in Studio and the Learning Management System.

For information about how course teams set up timed exams, see the opencoursestaff:Timed Exams topic in Building and Running an Open edX Course. For information about the learner experience, see openlearners:taking_timed_exams in the Open edX Learner’s Guide.


Before proceeding, review Guidelines for Updating the Open edX Platform.

4.24.2. Enable Timed Exams in Studio and the Learning Management System

To enable timed exams, you modify the lms.yml and studio.yml files, which are located one level above the edx-platform directory.

  1. Set the value of ENABLE_SPECIAL_EXAMS in the lms.yml and studio.yml files to true.

    # Timed exams feature flag
  2. Save the lms.yml and studio.yml files.

  3. Restart the Studio (CMS) and Learning Management System (LMS) processes so that your updates are loaded.