Create a Course in Publisher#

To create a course in Publisher, follow these steps.


To find a course that has been created, see Find a Course in Publisher.

  1. Sign in to Publisher.

  2. Use one of the following methods to create a new course.

    • On the dashboard, select Add a New Course.

    • On the Courses page, select Courses, and then select Create New Course.

  3. On the Create New Course page, specify the following information.

    • The name of the course administrator for your organization.

    • The course title.

    • The course number.

    • The enrollment track (also called certificate type) that the course offers. For more information, see enrollment track.

    • The price for a certificate in the course. If the course does not offer certificates, leave the default value of 0 in the Price field.

  4. Select the action that you want to take after you create a course.

    • If you want to create a new course run immediately after you create the course, select I want to add a run to this course at this time.

    • If you want to add more course information immediately after you create the course, leave this option blank.

  5. Select Create New Course.

    If you did not select the I want to add a run to this course at this time option, the page for your course opens. This page lists the course information that you have entered and the additional course information that is required for edX to create an About page. You can edit course information at any time before you send the course to edX marketing for review. For more information, see Edit a Course in Publisher.

    If you selected I want to add a run to this course at this time, the page for a course run of this course opens when you select Create New Course. On this page, you enter basic information about a course run. When you create the course run, Publisher immediately creates a Studio URL for the course, and you can enter content in Studio. For more information, see Creating a Course Run in Publisher or Access a Course Run in Studio.