Create a Course Run#

To create a course run in Publisher, follow these steps.


If one or more course runs have been published, Publisher pre-fills some information on the New Course Run page based on the last course run that has an About page on edx.org.

  1. Sign in to Publisher.

  2. Use one of the following methods to open the New Course Run page.

    • On the dashboard, select Add a Course Run. Then, on the New Course Run page, select the course that you want in the Find Course list.

    • On the Courses page, select the course that you want. Then, on the page for the course, select Add Run.

    • When you create a new course, select I want to add a run to this course at this time at the bottom of the page, and then select Create New Course.

  3. On the New Course Run page, enter the following information.

    • The course start and end dates. Times are in universal coordinated time (UTC).

    • Course pacing.

  4. Select Create New Course Run.

The page for the course run opens. This page lists the course run information that you have entered and the additional course run information that is required for edX to create an About page.

At the top of the course run page, “breadcrumbs” are visible that list the name of the course and the course run. For example, the breadcrumbs may be Courses > Introduction to Music Theory > Self-paced: June 1, 2017.


As soon as you select Create New Course Run in Publisher, Studio creates the same course run in Studio, and you can add course content in Studio. A link to the URL for the course run in Studio appears under Studio URL on the course run page.

Additionally, when Publisher creates a Studio URL for the course run, Studio adds the user who created the course run as a course team member. That course team member must then add other course team members in Studio.