Finalize a Course Run#


Usually, when you submit a course run for PC review, the PC reviews the course run, the edX publisher role receives a notification, and then the edX publisher role publishes the About page.

In some cases, the PC makes changes and returns the course run to the course team. In these cases, the course team reviews the edX PC feedback, and then finalizes the course run. This page describes how to finalize the course run.

To finalize a course run, you mark it as reviewed in Publisher.

  1. Sign in to Publisher.

  2. Use one of the following methods to open the page for the course run.

    • On the dashboard, select the In Development tab, and then select the course run that you want. You can identify the course run by the start date.

    • On the Courses page, select the course that you want. When the page for the course opens, under Course Runs, select the course run.

  3. On the course run page, finalize the course. To do this, under Reviews, select Mark as Reviewed.

    The status changes to Reviewed.

When you mark a course run as reviewed, the Publisher tool automatically sends a notification to the edX publisher. The edX publisher then creates a preview of the About page for the course run, and the course team accepts or declines the About page preview. For more information, see Publishing an About Page.