8 January 2015

The following information reflects what is new in the edX Platform as of 8 January 2015.


  • In early November 2014, an error was introduced that prevented events from being generated for open assessment problems. This error has been corrected.
  • Also see mobile updates for 8 January 2015.


When you viewed responses in a discussion topic, the vote count was displayed twice. This problem is resolved. (TNL-1016)


Building and Running an edX Course

EdX Research Guide

Updated information is available for video events that the edX mobile app emits. See the Events in the Tracking Logs chapter.

EdX Data Analytics API

The initial, version 0 Alpha of the Open edX Data Analytics API Version 0 guide is now published.


  • In the Instructor Dashboard, when you unenrolled a student who enrolled in the Verified track, if that student was re-enrolled, he or she was automatically placed in the Verified track. This problem is fixed; the student is no longer automatically enrolled in the Verified track. (ECOM-776)
  • The Student Dashboard is updated to provide a visual indication of professional education courses the student is enrolled in. (ECOM-728)


The tracking logs in daily data packages now include events for learners who use the edX mobile app to view course videos. The edX mobile app began to emit the play_video, pause_video, stop_video, load_video, hide_transcript, and show_transcript events on December 23, 2014. For more information, see the Video Interaction Events section of the edX Research Guide.


Open response assessments now support right-to-left languages.


  • When a component with multiple parents had a draft version, you received an error when trying to export the course. This problem is resolved. (PLAT-332)
  • You can now use a new advanced setting, always_cohort_inline_discussions, to control whether content-specific discussion topics are unified or divided by cohort.
  • The inline help for the Discussion Topic Mapping advanced setting is updated to note that discussion IDs must be unique. (TNL-752)

EdX Website

  • Students who had enrolled in a verified course were erroneously prompted to verify their identity if their edX verification expired after the course’s verification deadline. This problem is resolved. (ECOM-864)
  • Students using Internet Explorer 9 without Flash installed were able to click disabled buttons and proceed through the verification process, though no photo was taken. Students now cannot proceed until they install Flash. (ECOM-849)