14 January 2015

The following information reflects what is new in the edX Platform as of 14 January 2015.


After editing a discussion post or comment, a user was not able to report the post or mark it as the answer. This problem is resolved. (TNL-1016)


EdX Enrollment API

Version 1 of the Open edX Enrollment API guide is now available.


  • The grade report available in the Instructor Dashboard now includes columns for the content experiment groups and cohorts to which students belong. (TNL-498)
  • When a pagination button is visually disabled, the button is now also disabled for screen readers. (TNL-997)
  • When students checked their answers to a custom response problem with 10 or more inputs, the responses were not sorted correctly. This problem is resolved. (TNL-952)
  • For numerical response problems, if the tolerance was set to greater than 0.1, answers that varied from the correct answer by an amount equal to the tolerance were marked incorrect; that is, the correct answer was no inclusive of the tolerance setting. This problem is resolved. (TNL-904)


When you made multiple attempts to log in to edX Studio with the wrong password, the error message was not refreshed and there was no indication of the problem on subsequent attempts. This problem is resolved. (TNL-140)