4 February 2015

The following information reflects what is new in the edX Platform as of 4 February 2015.


Accessibility Improvements

  • The current discussion conversation now receives focus and includes an accessible label. (UX-1575)
  • Discussions now include defined regions and landmarks for screen reader navigation. The focus is on the discussion when a new topic is loaded, and changes to a new post when it appears. (UX-1576)


  • The first line of a Chinese video transcript was not visible. This problem is resolved. (TNL-935)

Accessibility Improvements

  • Focus now changes directly to the content area after the user selects a link to a new subsection or unit. (UX-1573)
  • Unit navigation links are reorganized into a single list. The arrow navigation is converted from links to buttons and now includes the disabled attribute when appropriate. (UX-1572)
  • Labels to bypass blocks now use the industry standard text Skip to main content. (TNL-1264)


Previously, you received an error when opening the Settings & Details page in French. This problem is resolved. (TNL-1237)

EdX Website

A single sign-in page at edX.org now includes the options to create a new account on edX or sign in to an existing edX account.