12 February 2015

The following information reflects what is new in the edX Platform as of 12 February 2015.


The context field for server events now provides a usage_key to identify XBlock content. The usage_key member field was added to the module dictionary, which also provides the component display_name, on 28 Jan 2015.

For more information, see the Events in the Tracking Logs section in the edX Research Guide.


The “Mark as Answered” icon was missing from discussion and question posts. This problem has been resolved. (TNL-1330)


  • In grade reports, the name of the “Group Configuration Group Name” column has changed to “Experiment Group.” (TNL-1244)
  • In the Help menu on the left side of the LMS, the X button to close the Report a Problem option did not work. This problem has been resolved. (TNL-1336)
  • Students who enroll in the verified certificate track for a course, but do not verify their identity before the verification deadline, now receive a “Verification Deadline Has Passed” message in the browser when they try to verify their identity. Previously, students who missed the verification deadline saw a “Page Not Found” error message in the browser. (ECOM-1045)
  • In courses that have cohort-specific content, the Generate Grade Report option on the Data Download tab of the Instructor Dashboard sometimes did not create a grade report. This problem has been resolved. (TNL-1351)
  • In Safari, videos sometimes did not play at the selected speed. This problem has been resolved. (TNL-408)


A new video appears as the default video when you add a Video component.

EdX Website

Some students saw an incorrect message when they signed up for a verified certificate. This problem has been resolved. (ECOM-1031)