2 March 2015

The following information reflects what is new in the edX Platform as of 2 March 2015.


Building and Running an edX Course

The Creating Cohort-Specific Course Content section now reflects the ability to delete content groups and view their usage in a course.

Open edX Documentation

The following new guides are now available specifically for Open edX.


When creating problems using XML, authors can now use HTML tags to add inline markers that show additional information. Users see the additional text when they hover their cursors over, or move keyboard focus to, markers in the problem text. This feature includes enhanced support for screen reader users. (OSPR-353)

Open EdX

Accessibility Enhancements

In the course About pages, <fieldset> elements now have <legend> elements for screen readers. (TNL-1371)


  • When course teams work with content groups on the Group Configurations page, they can now see which units in the course use a content group, and can link directly to those units from content group details. Course teams can now also delete content groups that are not in use in a course. See Creating Cohort-Specific Course Content for more details.
  • Previously, if a dropdown problem that was created with variables was answered, the chosen answer was not retained in the selection input. This problem has been fixed. (TNL-1419)
  • Some issues with MATLAB problems were resolved. (TNL-1459)

EdX Website

  • Previously, when students used iPads to verify their identities, they received a “No Flash Detected” error message. This problem has been fixed. (ECOM-859)
  • In some situations, students who verified their identity saw “Honor Code” as their certificate track. This problem has been fixed. (ECOM-1088)
  • In some situations, videos were not delivered at the best quality for available bandwidth. This problem has been fixed. (TNL-1202)