22 April 2015

The following information reflects what is new in the edX Platform as of 22 April 2015.


With the release of the Profiles feature, the information in course data packages will change. The auth_userprofile table includes two new columns, bio and profile_image_uploaded_at. Additionally, data packages will include a new student_languageproficiency table. For more information, see the User Info and Learner Progress Data section in the edX Research Guide.


Discussion posts exceeding a certain length or containing numerous equations were not rendering LaTeX expressions. This issue has been resolved. (TNL-1902)


edX Guide for Students

  • Added sections to reflect changes to account settings and the introduction of profiles.
  • Added a new section about the Learner Dashboard.

For more information, see the edX Learner’s Guide.

Building and Running an edX Course

In the Problems, Exercises, and Tools section, a new column in the tables indicates the level of support that edX provides for each exercise or tool.

EdX Research Guide

New columns were added to the auth_userprofile table and a new student_languageproficiency table was added to reflect changes for the Profiles feature. For more information, see the User Info and Learner Progress Data section.


The following features are now available for the edX mobile app on iPhones.

  • New visitors to edx.org can now use the edX mobile app to register edX user accounts.
  • New visitors have the option to use their Google or Facebook accounts when they sign up for edX user accounts.
  • The edX mobile app can now be used to find and enroll in courses.

These features are also available in the edX mobile app for Android smartphones. For more information, see If You Use the edX Mobile App.

Open EdX

  • Two response fields (course_start and course_end) were added to the course enrollment API. (ECOM-1411)
  • The course enrollment API now returns an absolute URL in the user_message_URL field. Previously, only the path was returned, which could result in errors. (ECOM-1430)


In ORA assignments, learners could no longer view their submissions after they received a grade for the assignment. This issue has been resolved. (TNL-2000)


  • Course teams can now upload video transcripts for video components in either Simplified Chinese or Traditional Chinese. For more information, see Working with Video Components.

  • The Advanced Settings page for video components includes a renamed field, Video ID. Previously, this field was named EdX Video ID. For more information, see Working with Video Components.

  • If course teams define either one or both of the Video Start Time and Video Stop Time values, learners no longer have the option to override those values and watch the entire video file. Only the segment of the video file that is delimited by your specified start and stop times plays.


    The Video Start Time or Video Stop Time does not apply to videos that are downloaded or viewed using the native mobile app. Learners who use the mobile app can play the entire video file.

  • A typographical error in the template filename for Math Expression Input problems has been corrected. Formularesponse.yaml is now correctly spelled. (TNL-1639)

EdX Website

Learners can now unenroll from courses that have not yet started. Previously, unenrollment was available only for live courses. (ECOM-1435)