12 May 2015

The following information reflects what is new in the edX Platform as of 12 May 2015.


  • When learners access a component-specific discussion topic in the courseware and select Show Posts, the list of posts now opens to the first post instead of the last post. (TNL-1530)
  • Improvements to the accessibility of discussion posts to screen reader users are included in this release. (AC-102)

Learning Management System

Enhancements to the Grade Report

The grade report now includes new columns with certificate status and enrollment track information. When course teams generate the grade report from the Instructor Dashboard, they can see the following additional information for each learner.

  • Enrollment track: honor, verified, or professional education.
  • Verification status, to identify learners in the verified or professional track who have completed identity verification with edX.
  • Certificate eligibility status, to identify learners who have earned the passing grade in the course at the time of the grade report generation.
  • Certificate delivery status, to identify learners who have received their certificates.
  • The type of certificate, for learners who are eligible to receive a certificate.

Accessibility Improvements

This release includes accessibility improvements for learners who use a keyboard or screen reader to access the LMS.

  • The My Profile page now offers improved accessibility for learners who want to add or change their profile images. (TNL-2051)
  • Several problems with numerical input problem types are now corrected. (TNL-1677)
    • The current status of the problem is now conveyed to screen reader users properly.
    • The workflow for checking how ASCII math is converted to MathML or MathJax format has been streamlined for screen reader users.
    • Nonessential information is no longer included in aria-live regions, which improves the experience for screen reader users.
  • Improvements to the accessibility of discussion posts to screen reader users are included in this release. (AC-102)


When course teams work in the course outline, they can now preview units in the LMS before the content is released. When course teams select Preview for a unit, they can choose to preview the unit in the LMS as staff, all students, or as a student with access to a specific content group.

Previously, Preview Changes did not work until the content was live.

For more information, see Previewing Draft Content.


Building and Running an edX Course

The grade report that course teams can download from the Instructor Dashboard now includes columns with information about learners’ enrollment tracks and certificate statuses. For more information, see Interpreting the Grade Report.