19 May 2015

The following information reflects what is new in the edX Platform as of 19 May 2015.

edX Analytics

Two instructor events have been added for generating and downloading reports from the Instructor Dashboard.

Learning Management System

Problem Grade Report

For any course, you can now calculate grades for problems and generate a report that can be downloaded from the Instructor Dashboard. This new report includes, for each graded problem, a learner’s earned and possible points, and their total score, expressed as a decimal. (TNL-1951)

Accessibility Improvements

This release includes accessibility improvements for learners who use a keyboard or screen reader to access the LMS.

  • The LMS now has a region with a role of main and a descriptive aria-label allowing users to quickly navigate to the main content area using landmarks. (AC-108)


EdX Research Guide

EdX Data Analytics API

This guide now includes information on the Video Data API.