10 June 2015

The following information reflects what is new in the edX Platform as of 10 June 2015.


The edX Platform emits events for user interactions with a course pre-roll video. The pre-roll video interaction events are distinct from the events emitted for interactions with videos in the courseware.

For more information, see Pre-Roll Video Interaction Events in the EdX Research Guide.

Learning Management System

Report of Not-Yet-Enrolled Students

Course teams for invitation-only courses can now track enrollment status from the Instructor Dashboard. The Data Download page of the Instructor Dashboard now includes a downloadable report of learners who have been invited to enroll in a course, but who have not yet done so.

Learner Experience for Pre-Roll Videos

When a learner plays any course video in a course that includes a pre-roll video, the pre-roll video plays first. Once the pre-roll video has been presented to a learner, it is not shown to that learner again until seven days have passed.

While the pre-roll video plays, the learner can select Skip to continue on to the video that they selected, or Do not show again to permanently opt out of seeing pre-roll videos in the course.

For information about how course teams can add a pre-roll video and its transcripts to a course, see Add a Pre-Roll Video to Your edX Course in Building and Running an edX Course.

EdX Studio

Spell Check for HTML Components

When you add an HTML component to a unit in your course, an automated spell checker now indicates any misspelled words. The spell checker automatically uses the dictionary that is set for your browser. (TNL-1621)

Support for Pre-Roll Video

Courses that run on edx.org can now include 5-10 second long pre-roll video messages. A pre-roll video plays automatically before other course videos, and can be used to advertise your organization, promote an XSeries, publicize an event, and so on.

For information about adding a pre-roll video and its transcripts to your course, see Add a Pre-Roll Video to Your edX Course in Building and Running an edX Course.


Documentation for edX Partners

Building and Running an edX Course

The Working with Video Components section now includes an Add a Pre-Roll Video to Your edX Course topic.

EdX Research Guide

Latest Open edX Guides

The docs.edx.org web site now includes a section for the latest version of the Open edX guides. These guides are available in addition to guides for the Open edX Birch release, and offer the most up-to-date documentation available for features in the Open edX platform.

Installing, Configuring, and Running the Open edX Platform

Building and Running an Open edX Course

  • The new Setting Up Certificates in Studio section describes how you configure certificates for a course in Studio.
  • The new “Manage Course Fees” section describes configuration and management of fees for paid courses.
  • The “Creating Exercises and Tools” section now includes a list of the Mobile-Ready Problem Types that learners can complete using the edX mobile applications.
  • The Add a Course Update topic now includes information about sending notifications to the edX mobile applications for course handouts.

Open edX Learner’s Guide

Open EdX Platform APIs

A new section of the EdX Platform APIs guide is now available for the Profile Images API Version 1.0 (Deprecated).