16 June 2015

The following information reflects what is new in the edX Platform as of 16 June 2015.


For YouTube videos, the pause_video event was not emitted before the stop_video event when a video ended. This issue is resolved. Both events are now correctly emitted when a video ends. (TNL-2167) For details, see the Video Interaction Events section in the EdX Research Guide.

Learning Management System

In bulk emails, the course title no longer appears on the subject line. (TNL-1877)

edX Website

To improve accessibility, accessible text was added for each social media link in the edX website footer, and alt text for mobile links was made more descriptive. (ECOM-1724)


Open EdX Platform APIs

In the EdX Platform APIs guide, the Enrollment API Version 1.0 section has been updated to reflect the addition of a new GET parameter that will include expired course modes. For details, see Get the User's Enrollment Status in a Course.