4 August 2015

The following information reflects what is new in the edX Platform during the week of 4 August 2015.


A new metric that measures total interest in your course over time is now available in edX Insights. The Enrollment Activity page now includes a metric for Total Enrollment (the number of learners who have ever been enrolled in the course) as well as for Current Enrollment (the number of learners enrolled as of the computation date, not including learners who have unenrolled).

For more information, see the Enrollment Activity section in the Using edX Insights guide.


Bug Fixes

EdX has fixed the following bugs in the LMS.

  • When a course team sent an email that contained a link for a course that was not yet live, learners received a 404 “Not found” error message when they selected the link in the email or followed another link to the course. Links to non-live courses now redirect to the student dashboard. (TNL-2693)

  • Under Basic Course Info on the Instructor Dashboard, grade cutoffs were listed in the wrong order. For example, grade cutoffs appeared as follows.

    D: 0.6, B: 0.8, C: 0.7, A: 0.9

    Grade cutoffs now appear in the correct order. (TNL-2848)

  • A problem with the CourseOverview table prevented some mobile beta testers from seeing courseware. (MA-1063)

  • When a learner earned partial credit on a problem, the score at the top of the problem was not rounded to the nearest 10. For example, the score might be 0.666666666667/2 points. (TNL-1857)


Bug Fixes

EdX has fixed the following bugs in Studio.

  • Users received a “Page not found” error message when they selected View Live after adding a textbook in Studio. (TNL-1653)
  • When a user deleted a unit in Studio, the unit remained in the LMS until the user re-published the subsection. (TNL-2593)
  • Formatting errors occurred when users embedded MathJax in text input problems.
  • If a course used the Course Advertised Start Date advanced setting, reruns of the course automatically used the previous advertised start date as the start date of the course. (PLAT-295)

Problem Improvements

EdX has made the following improvements to problem components in Studio.

  • For drag and drop and custom JavaScript problems, edX has changed the default value of the Show Answer setting to Never. (TNL-645)
  • Because options in checkbox problems are always formatted as a vertical list, edX has removed the direction attribute from the checkboxgroup element. (TNL-231)


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