9 September 2015

The following information reflects what is new in the edX Platform this week.


  • The Data Download page in the Instructor Dashboard now includes an option to download a report of all learner submissions for a specified problem. Previously, you downloaded this report from the Legacy Instructor Dashboard.
  • When learners drag an option onto a drag and drop problem, the option label no longer wraps to a new line unexpectedly. (OSPR-752)


This release includes changes to the Unit page in Studio to improve accessibility. It is now easier to use a keyboard to navigate to the options in the Add New Component section of this page. It is also easier to use a keyboard to make selections from the list of choices that appears when you select the Advanced option. (TNL-2153)

Open edX

When you install the Open edX developer stack, the search feature is now enabled by default. For more information about how you can configure this feature, see Enabling Open edX Search. For more information about how learners can use this feature, see Searching the Course.


The search feature is not currently available on edx.org or Edge.