16 September 2015

The following information reflects what is new in the edX Platform this week.


Introducing edX as an LTI Tool Provider

In a pilot implementation, the edX Edge site is now being used as a learning tool interoperability (LTI) tool provider. Course teams use this feature to present content from edX courses, including advanced problem types and videos, in their on-campus learning management systems. The “edX as an LTI Tool Provider” feature can make it easier for you to teach with, and students to learn from, the best materials available, regardless of platform.


Support for this feature is currently provisional. EdX is working with our early adopter partners to support further testing of this feature with additional learning management systems.

For more information, see Using edX as an LTI Tool Provider in the Building and Running an edX Course guide.

Bug Fixes

  • In courses containing in-course reverification steps, learners on the verified track who submitted photo IDs for an in-course reverification checkpoint were incorrectly shown a message indicating that they had missed the re-verification deadline. This issue has been resolved. Learners can continue to check whether they satisfied the verification or credit requirement on their Progress pages. A green checkmark appears next to the verification requirement when submitted photos are approved by the verification service. The verification process can take 24 hours or more. (ECOM-2225)
  • In for-credit courses, credit-eligible assessments were listed on the Progress page in the order that they were created. They are now sorted by assessment start date. (ECOM-2118)
  • When learners select Show Answer for dropdown problems, the positioning of the correct answer has been fixed so that it now displays in the same way as it does for other problem types such as numerical input. (OSPR-794)
  • When learners select Show Answer for math expression input problems, the answer display and the loading animation have been improved. (OSPR-808)

Accessibility Improvements

Several accessibility-related changes were made in the LMS, Dashboard, and courseware templates to improve readability and navigability. (AC-155)

Open edX

Developers who are interested in extending Open edX Insights can now set up a separate development environment, the Open edX Analytics Developer stack, to support analytics development. This environment, known as the Analytics Devstack, includes the edX Analytics Data API and Open edX Insights, as well as all of the components needed to run the Open edX Analytics Pipeline.

For more information, see Installing Open edX Analytics Devstack in the Installing, Configuring, and Running the Open edX Platform guide.