8 October 2015

The following information reflects what is new in edX Analytics this week.


Data for each of your course videos is now available in edX Insights. How many learners started viewing the video, and how many actually completed it? What parts of the video did learners replay, and what parts did they skip over? In Insights, metrics and tool tips provide the exact counts, and a chart helps you visualize your learners’ viewing patterns for each five second segment.

A chart and metrics showing a video with a high completion rate.

For some videos, the information that you get from Insights might be a valuable confirmation that your learners are engaged by the video content. For other videos, the information might raise questions about why learners replay a particular part of the video, or skip over a part of the video.

A chart showing significant increases in the number of replays during the 20 seconds in the middle of the video.

While you review data for a video in Insights, you can select View Live to open the video component in the LMS. Using the viewing patterns revealed by Insights, you can investigate specific segments of your course videos, and then make deductions about causes and take action.

For more information, see the Engagement with Course Videos section in the Using edX Insights guide.

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The video engagement feature in edX Insights is now available for courses running on edx.org and edX Edge. Updated the Engagement with Course Videos section to change the computation of this data from weekly to daily, and from aggregate view counts to average view counts at the section and subsection levels.

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Updated the Receiving and Sharing edX Certificates topic to include information about web certificates.

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